Get work done.

HeyDay is a space focused on empowering minorities. I setup virtual productivity meetups where you can join me for 1 hour to just do work. It's a great way to complete that project, blog, or course you've been putting off.


1. You'll receive an email from me 24 hours before the virtual meetup.

2. Follow the video call link to join the meetup and bring along your project.

3. We'll dive right into working for 1 hour!

UPCOMING meetups

Online Co-working Group

About this session: You'll get a quiet, distraction free space to work on what's most important to you.

girl in a video call
girl on school campus holding cup of coffee

Member Testimonials

"I was hesitant to attend an online co-working meetup. I had a ton of content I needed to create for my business but I kept putting it off. I was also nervous about meeting strangers but knowing other people like me would be in the meetup, I was more open to it.

I'm glad I attended one of the meetups! It was 1 hour of productivity and I finally created a ton of social content created for my business."

-Steph (FL, USA)

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